Help & Reminders


Our first week of band camp is going well! We are very proud of the students for the massive progress they’ve made. It just proves that every day and every moment of rehearsal is important. Thank you for getting your young musicians to camp on time!



The students have received many forms to be signed by you and turned in tomorrow. This includes the Pool Party Permission Form, Media Release Form, Spirit Wear Order Form, and Charms Update Form. Please take time to read these forms and sign them.


Help With Props

We need help transporting the props from the Ramsey’s house to KHS on Thursday around 6 pm. If you have a truck, please consider helping us. We need several trucks to help! Their address is 9718 Fieldbloom Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77498. Thank you for your help!


Mandatory Parent Meeting

Just as a reminder, there is a parent meeting on Monday, August 3rd at 6 pm in the KHS Band Hall. Please be there to receive very important information. Snacks and door prizes will be provided! See you there!


Please let me know if you have any questions!

Reminders & August 3rd Mandatory Parent Meeting

Parents and Students,

Good Afternoon!



This is a reminder about our summer band camp starting on Monday, July 27th. Please refer to the previous email or for information.


Documents on Monday

Your child should receive several documents that need to be signed and returned. Please ask them for these when they get home! These documents are essential for the program’s success and our communication with parents and students. Said documents can be found in our Dropbox at the following link: Dropbox


Mandatory Booster Club Meeting

Our first general membership booster club meeting is on Monday, August 3rd from 6 pm to 7 pm. This meeting will be very essential for you to receive information about the program and your student’s success, as well as your involvement in the program. Snacks and door prizes will be provided!


Band Fees

All band fees (a total of $200) is due by Monday, August 3rd. Please help the band by paying your fees by that day. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the directors via email or phone call.


Pool Party!

On Friday, July 31st, there will be a pool party at Sugar Mill Community Association Lake Pool. There is a $5 fee and a permission slip due on Thursday, July 30th. Attached is the permission form with additional information.

Summer Band Camp Begins!

Parents and Students,


Good morning!
If you are receiving this email and your student is not in the Kempner High School Band, please let me know so I can update our records.


On Monday, July 27th, we begin our Summer band camp! We are very excited to see all of the Kempner Band students once again, as well as meet the new faces that are joining our family. We have a few pieces of information that will make your child successful, and in turn, help the entire program.


Please refer to the calendar on our website,, to see the schedule for all of Summer band. This calendar is an essential element to our program and we encourage you to visit it very often. There are instructions on how to get the calendar on your mobile device as well, which we suggest you do for your convenience.


When determining spots for the competitive marching group, students are placed based on their abilities they learned from Summer band camp rehearsals. In order for your student to not get behind, we encourage that students attend every rehearsal.


Please help us by scheduling any appointments or vacations around the set schedule on the calendar. For instance, if you are scheduling a dentist appointment, it would be best to wait until we switch to evening rehearsals (on August 13th), and have it during the day. Or, if scheduling a vacation, please consider that the student will not be able to leave until Friday evening and will be expected to return on Monday morning. Again, we very much appreciate your help in having every student attend every rehearsal to contribute to the success of the band.


Students are expected to have the following materials when they arrive on Monday:


  • Instrument
    • If they play a school owned instrument and have not received one, we will check one out to them.
  • Reeds, sticks, mallets, mouthpieces, swabs, neck straps, and all materials associated with the instrument.
  • Black band binder (recommended 1 inch width) for organizing music and documents to be sent home.
  • Water bottle/jug
    • If a veteran student has a water jug from the band, they must bring it cleaned and filled.
    • All new members will receive a Kempner High School Band water jug, but should bring a large bottle of water until these have been distributed. By no means should you buy a water jug, given that you will receive one soon.
  • Appropriate attire
    • T-shirt
    • Athletic shorts (example)
      • Please do not wear jeans or shorts made out of thick material such as denim or khaki. These materials restrict the student’s ability to move comfortably while marching.
    • Athletic shoes (example)
      • Please do not wear converse, vans slip-ons, high tops, sandals, boat shoes, toms, or crocs.
      • Cross-trainers or running shoes are ideal for marching.
    • A hat is recommended, but not required.
    • Don’t forget SUNSCREEN!



Lunch is from 12 pm to 1 pm
Given that summer school is happening on our campus, the process for getting lunch to your students will involve the following options:


  • Your student brings their lunch.
  • Deliver the food to the the front office prior to 12 pm.
  • Your student comes outside to receive the food from you during their lunch break.
  • If you need to enter the building for any reason, you must go through the front office prior to 12 pm or after 1 pm.
  • As a reminder for students with vehicles, leaving campus will not be allowed. Please plan accordingly.



Thank you for complying with these rules!

We look forward to seeing everyone and getting a great start to the marching band season! Please don’t hesitate to call the band office with any questions.


Summer Sectionals & Movement Workshop

Students and Parents,

Summer sectionals are an opportunity for the students to work together from a social and musical standpoint. These are student-ran instructional rehearsals that will include music for the marching band and stand tunes. Though they are not mandatory, I believe that this will help all students better understand the music and build relationships within the sections. Simply put, this helps the band get better.

Students will need the following:

  1. Appropriate marching band clothes (white shirt, comfortable athletic shorts, and athletic shoes)
  2. Instrument and reeds
  3. Any music that has been passed out to them

Please refer to the calendar for exact times and dates that the student will need to attend.

* Also, remember to sign up for the free Summer Movement Workshop, hosted by our amazing instructor Mr. Gustavo Jacobo. Students will learn about movement techniques as they apply to marching band. This is another opportunity to help the band get better and for the students to bond. Just fill out the form at this link and click submit! Workshop Interest Form *

Thank You!

Percussion Audition Results

Snares Marimba
Alex P. Chris G.
Lukas T. Vanessa W.
Brandon W. Megan P.
Julian D. Deston N.
Asad R.
Tristan A. Vibraphone
Jordan R. Cery E.
Ryan C.
Bass (in order)
Reid R. Xylophone
Deepa S. Casey K.
Jeffrey P.
Dru C. Glockenspiel
Jose D. Ryan B.
Auxilary Percussion
Jason M.
Marc L.
Mikayla D.
Gabe H.