Veteran’s Day Parade Information

Hello Kempner Band Family,

I am eagerly anticipating our students honoring America’s finest at the City of Houston Veteran’s Day Parade tomorrow.  Please find the timeline and important information below.

  1. Band Students will be wearing our full marching uniforms, Colorguard will wear Warm-Ups.
  1. We will bring ponchos with us should the weather be bad.
  1. Due to the tight timeline, the only time students will have to eat lunch will be on the bus back home. Students should eat a hearty breakfast tomorrow.
  1. There is a blood drive at KHS tomorrow. Students will be allowed to participate, however I would STRONGLY encourage students to donate blood another day.  There are blood banks open everyday, and there are 3 other blood drives at KHS the rest of the year.  If a student is going to donate, they need to eat well tonight, drink lots of water, and have a full breakfast tomorrow.

Please find the timeline below.  Thanks!


Houston Salutes American Heroes Veteran’s Day Celebration

Downtown Houston November 11, 2014

At home — Eat a good breakfast, bring a sack lunch, and drink water!

7:30 — Report to 1st period

8:20 — Report to Band Hall

8:25 — Practice Salute to America’s Finest

9:00 – Dress in black socks, shoes, show shirt, and bibbers

9:30 — Depart for Downtown (full dress on bus)

10:30 — Arrive in staging area, unload

10:45 — Muster in staging area

11:30 — Step Off, take great pride in honoring America’s Servicemen and Women

12:15 — Return to staging area, load

12:45 — Depart for KHS (take off all uniform and eat sack lunch on bus)

2:00 — Return, unload hang uniforms

2:30 — End of school, go home as normal


Go Coogs!

Senior Recognition Game Today at Mercer 7 PM Kickoff

Hello Kempner Band Family,

I am so excited to honor our Senior Class of 2015 today.  They have been a tremendously inviting and hard working group, a new director could not have asked for more!

Parents of Seniors, please plan on being in the parking lot outside of the visitor’s side at 6:30 tomorrow so we can make sure everything is in order for half-time.  When there is 5 minutes left in the 1st half, senior parents please make your way to the end zone where you will meet Mr. Muths and I.  We will make sure you know where on the field to be.  After we play “Jailhouse Rock” for the Brigade, you will walk out on the field to meet your student.  You will then have your names announced.

We will miss these seniors dearly, and it will be a pleasure to honor them tomorrow.

Please find the timline for all students below


Kempner vs. Austin

Friday November 7, 2014 7:00 PM Mercer Stadium

2:30 PM — Report to Band Hall and change into rehearsal clothes

3:00 PM — Rehearse outside

3:45 PM — Load/Eat

4:15 PM — Dress (Full Uniform)

4:30 PM — Inspection

4:45 PM — Depart for Mercer Stadium

5:10 PM — QUICKLY unload and into stands

6:00 PM – Fundamentals

6:30 PM — Pre-Game

7:00 PM — Kickoff


7:45ish PM — Half Time (Senior Recognition!)

10:00 PM — Game over, load

10:15 PM — Depart for KHS

10:30 PM — Arrive and ALL help unload!

10:40 PM — Hang uniforms neatly!

11:00 PM – ALL dismiss together

Veteran’s Day Parade

Hello Kempner Band Family,

I am very excited our student’s will be able to honor America’s servicemen and women on Tuesday November 11, 2014 in the Houston Salutes American Heroes Veterans Day Celebration! Our men in women in uniform sacrifice more than we as civilians will ever understand, and this is a small way we can thank them for that sacrifice.

The students will be pulled from classes after 1st period at 8:20 AM. We will return home during 6th or 7th period depending on the pace of the parade and the traffic. The parade kicks off at 11:30 AM, please find attached a map. I would love to have 3-4 parents chaperone/walk with us, please email me if you are available. Thank you!

Rehearsal Change Due To Weather

Hello Kempner Band Family,

We will be moving Wednesday’s Full Band (does not include Colorguard) rehearsal to Thursday.  The weather is looking very bad Wednesday, and it is very important for us to set the Seniors for Friday, and set our parade block for Tuesday’s Veteran’s Day Parade in downtown.  Our rehearsal Thursday will be 3:00-4:30.  Thank you!