Summer Sectionals & Movement Workshop

Students and Parents,

Summer sectionals are an opportunity for the students to work together from a social and musical standpoint. These are student-ran instructional rehearsals that will include music for the marching band and stand tunes. Though they are not mandatory, I believe that this will help all students better understand the music and build relationships within the sections. Simply put, this helps the band get better.

Students will need the following:

  1. Appropriate marching band clothes (white shirt, comfortable athletic shorts, and athletic shoes)
  2. Instrument and reeds
  3. Any music that has been passed out to them

Please refer to the calendar for exact times and dates that the student will need to attend.

* Also, remember to sign up for the free Summer Movement Workshop, hosted by our amazing instructor Mr. Gustavo Jacobo. Students will learn about movement techniques as they apply to marching band. This is another opportunity to help the band get better and for the students to bond. Just fill out the form at this link and click submit! Workshop Interest Form *

Thank You!

Percussion Audition Results

Snares Marimba
Alex P. Chris G.
Lukas T. Vanessa W.
Brandon W. Megan P.
Julian D. Deston N.
Asad R.
Tristan A. Vibraphone
Jordan R. Cery E.
Ryan C.
Bass (in order)
Reid R. Xylophone
Deepa S. Casey K.
Jeffrey P.
Dru C. Glockenspiel
Jose D. Ryan B.
Auxilary Percussion
Jason M.
Marc L.
Mikayla D.
Gabe H.

Fall 2015 Band Placement

Wind Ensemble   Symphonic Band   Concert Band
Emily Martinez, Piccolo Francesca Ford, Flute Melanie Martin, Flute
Jaden Sherman, Flute Katalina Barrera, Flute Biannca Paz, Flute
Dorothy Le, Flute Olivia Foster, Flute Phuoc Cao, Flute
Bundu Ezenwukua, Flute Megan Duzan, Flute Karly Alexander, Flute
Tiffany Tran, Flute Melissa Lopez, Flute Maki Alrahmamy, Flute
Payal Shah, Flute Justin Abraham, Flute Terry Ho, Flute
Elizabeth Nguyen, Flute Julia Westmoreland, Flute
Gabriel Malcaba, Oboe Alexa Gutierrez, Flute Yesinia Soto, Flute
Paulyn Fazon, Oboe
Randy Vega, Oboe Danielle Hernandez, Bassoon
Thalia Lwin, Bassoon Tiffany Chiem, Oboe
Yolanda Castellanos, Clarinet
Andrew Nguyen, Clarinet Mark Liu, Clarinet Shane Rose, Clarinet
Ethan Moore, Clarinet Alex Nguyen, Clarinet Jomar Ambrocio, Clarinet
Thomas Bonsey, Clarinet Kelly Chao, Clarinet Alayna Curnan, Clarinet
Elyse Felicano, Clarinet Ronaldo Davis, Clarinet Jared Duzan, Clarinet
Erika Charo, Clarinet April Tran, Clarinet Erika Martinez, Clarinet
Tommy Nguyen, Clarinet Anthony Sierra, Clarinet
Colleen Cawthon, Bass Clarinet Antoine Baker, Clarinet Angie Zayas, Clarinet
Jessica Martinez, Bass Clarinet Antonio Baker, Clarinet Clarissa Machado, Clarinet
Alleah Dallas, Clarinet
Chris Tushim, Saxophone Rachel Long, Bass Clarinet Alejandra Contreras, Clarinet
Samantha Schmidt, Saxophone Aleysa Romero, Bass Clarinet Gianna Esposito, Clarinet
Miguel Robles, Saxophone Kathryn Azeez, Clarinet
Dana Dailey, Saxophone Cynthia Vadlez, Contra-Alto Clarinet Maria Castillo, Clarinet
Ashlye Reyes, Clarinet
RJ Thompson, Trumpet Jonathan Ton, Saxophone
David Lee, Trumpet Brianna Murch, Saxophone Elezar Rodriguez, Bass Clarinet
Andre Rodriguez, Trumpet Darian Rodriguez, Saxophone Jerome Jackson, Bass Clarinet
Ben Nguyen, Trumpet Jose Dorado, Saxophone Arjun Kumar, Bass Clarinet
Evan Jones, Trumpet Jerlyn Pineda, Bass Clarinet
Bradley Nus, Trumpet Kevin Leung, Trumpet
Jose Gurrero, Trumpet Johan Hernandez, Saxophone
Josphine Wright, Horn Luis Reyna, Trumpet Veronica Carcamo, Saxophone
Matthew Ford, Horn Chandler Kelly, Trumpet Joseph Quintinahla, Saxophone
Zachary Ford, Trumpet Olivia Mackey, Saxophone
Michael Ojo, Tenor Trombone Elizabeth Escobar, Trumpet
Michael Tran, Tenor Tombone William Clarke, Trumpet
Dong Pham, Tenor Trombone Kaitlyn Jones, Horn Chloe Garcia, Trumpet
Kevin Baker, Horn Esther Fakolada, Trumpet
Stephen Gutierrez, Bass Trombone Justin Lockley, Horn Jordan Kleinpeter, Trumpet
Tristan Steapp, Horn Alberto Govea, Trumpet
Nathaniel Eveland, Euphonium Isaac Chapa, Horn Kimberly Martinez, Trumpet
John Nabergall, Euphonium Koby Arceo, Trumpet
Dylan Nguyen, Trombone
Jason Baker, Tuba Tyler Trinh, Trombone Corbin Waggoner, Horn
Philip Nguyen, Tuba Tim Ngiela, Trombone Joshua Simpson, Horn
Olivia Alcid, Trombone Wylie Gehring, Horn
Ronick Deepak, Trombone Devlin Romanski, Horn
Raphael Hudencial, Horn
Amaris Eveland, Euphonium
Bradden McCullar, Euphonium Elizabeth Wright, Trombone
Kevin Ly, Euphonium Dallas Wilcox, Trombone
Ricardo Celis, Trombone
David Troung, Tuba Kevin Nguyen, Trombone
Seth Cowart, Tuba Somto Obikewele, Trombone
Roy Carpenter, Tuba
Destin Nguyen, Euphonium
Joseph Rodriguez, Tuba
Dorian Stanley, Tuba
Joshua Okene, Tuba

KHS Graduation & Instrument Check Out

Students and Parents,

Below is the schedule for Saturday. All students grades 9-11 are required to attend and support their fellow classmates who are graduating.

Afterwards, we will be checking out instruments in the band hall. All students who play a school owned instrument will need to check one out with us. This includes marching instruments.


KHS Graduation Saturday June 6, 2015

Toyota Center


7:15 AM – Report to Band Hall (be dressed in Sunday best, no jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes)

7:30 AM – Rehearse Graduation Music (Two Graduation Marches, Fight Song)

8:15 AM – Load Instruments

8:30 AM – Depart for Toyota Center

9:15 AM – Arrive, Quickly Unload, and Setup

10:30 AM – Graduation

12:00 PM – Load and Depart for KHS

12:30 PM – Arrive and Unload





Leadership and Administrative Team 2015-2016

Dear Kempner Band Family,

We are proud to announce the 2015-2016 Leadership and Administrative Teams!

Administrative Team 2015-2016


Ben Nguyen (Head Librarian)

Francesca Ford

Bundu Ezenwukwa

Emily Martinez

Dana Dailey

Spirit & Public Relations:

Cynthia Valdez (Head of SPR)

Jose Dorado

Jaden Sherman

Thomas Bonsey

Shane Rose

Equipment Crew:

Kevin Leung (Equipment Crew Manager)

Jason Baker

Jose Guerrero

RJ Thompson

Miguel Robles

Roy Carpenter



Uniform Crew:

Kelly Chao (Uniform Crew Manager)

Deepa Surendran

Phillip Nguyen

Elyse Feliciano

Megan Duzan


Instructional Leadership Team 2015-2016

Drum Major:

Head Drum Major: Gabriel Malcaba

Assistant Drum Major: John Nabergall

Assistant Drum Major: Andre Rodriguez


Woodwind Sergeant: Jessica Martinez

Brass Sergeant: Josephine Wright

Percussion Sergeant: Alex Pasculado

Colorguard Captain:

Captain: Tony Perkins

Assistant Captain: Adrianna Diaz

Assistant Captain: Stephanie Vidal




Section Leader: David Lee

French Horn:

Section Leader: Josephine Wright


Section Leader: Dong Pham


Section Leader: Nathaniel Eveland


Section Leader: Jason Baker




Section Leader: Payal Shah

Assistant Section Leader: Dorothy Le


Section Leader: Erika Charo

Assistant Section Leader: Andrew Nguyen

Alto Saxophone:

Section Leader: Thalia Lwin

Low Reeds:

Section Leader: Colleen Cawthon




Section Leader: Alex Pasculado


Section Leader: Tristan Aurelio


Section Leader: Deepa Surendran